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Beginners guide to building a WordPress website Part 4; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Importance to Small and Medium Scale Businesses

Do you know that Small businesses can generate leads that are more qualified and customers that are ready to close purchase, if the managements of such businesses are ready to invest a little time and resources on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? It is now an inarguable fact that SEO has more ROI than every other […]

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Beginners guide to building a WordPress website Part 3; Features to look out for when choosing an eCommerce Plugin for your WordPress website

The internet has matured to become one of the most fertile grounds on which most companies and enterprises are building their businesses and selling their products. This is because there are millions and billions of prospective buyers making purchases every hour on the internet, who have broken through the barriers of physical location in trading. […]

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Beginners guide to building a WordPress website Part 1; Five steps to build your dream website.

Do you know that the every Beginner’s “Five Steps to Building a Dream Website” always anchors on the following crucial and systematic guides, which include Website Mapping, Choosing and Registering a Domain Name, Acquiring a Hosting service, Creating a Unique Website, Get the Word Out? However, if every beginner understands and follows these focal points […]

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Why you need a WordPress website for your personal brand

There once was a time in history when only IT elites have their own personal websites, but today, personal brand has come to stay and individuals are marketing themselves and their careers as a brand.  Before now, entrepreneurs, freelancers, musicians, actors, seamstresses, concierge professionals, photographers, runway models, models, and other privately contracted professionals use self-help […]

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Benefits of HTTP/2 Protocol

HTTP is the foundation of data communication. Without HTTP, there would have been no internet. All the content available over the internet is accessible only because of it. We watch a movie, talk with friends, make video calls, and order stuff online only because of this application. Initially developed by HTTP Working Group in 1991, […]

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