How do I access my control panel (cPanel)?

Our hosting plans provide a full-featured cPanel control panel to our clients.

You can reach cPanel through 2 ways.


Through a URL

You can reach cPanel easily by typing your domain name and adding "/cpanel" after it, without the quotes. If you have multiple domains/websites in a cPanel account, any of those can be used for the below.


Alternatively, you can enter ":2083" at the end of your domain, without a forward slash. Example:

Enter your username and password to log in to cPanel.

To change your cPanel password, click on the profile/person icon at the top right, and then click on 'Password & Security'.

If you do not remember your username and password, submit a ticket and we'll help you with that information.


Through client area

After logging in to your account in this client area, under Services > My Services, click on the row where you see your domain/website. Do not click directly on your domain/website or else you will navigate to it.

You'll find your quota and shortcuts to cPanel there.

To change your cPanel password, click 'Change Password' found at the left side (in desktop view).


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