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Why you need a WordPress website for your personal brand

There once was a time in history when only IT elites have their own personal websites, but today, personal brand has come to stay and individuals are marketing themselves and their careers as a brand.  Before now, entrepreneurs, freelancers, musicians, actors, seamstresses, concierge professionals, photographers, runway models, models, and other privately contracted professionals use self-help […]

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Benefits of HTTP/2 Protocol

HTTP is the foundation of data communication. Without HTTP, there would have been no internet. All the content available over the internet is accessible only because of it. We watch a movie, talk with friends, make video calls, and order stuff online only because of this application. Initially developed by HTTP Working Group in 1991, […]

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Using Git to create WordPress

You may not understand the fuss about Git if you are not using Git powered tools like VersionPress, Reviser, WP Pusher and Gitium on your WordPress website. Version Control systems have come to stay and every WordPress professional developer is bound to embrace it. Git is a popular version control system that is used to […]

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