Backup Entire Website

Entire accounts, which include your website(s), data, files, emails, cron jobs, cPanel configuration, domains set up in cPanel, and so on, can be backed up by doing the following:

  1. Go to 'Backup', in cPanel.
  2. Underneath where it says "Full Backup", click on the link that says "Download a Full Account Backup"
  3. Select which method you wish to use, whether you want to copy the backup directly to another FTP server, or if you wish to generate the backup in your home directory of your account with us. If you don't know which to choose here, the first one (Home Directory) is usually the best choice.
  4. Enter an email address, if you want to receive a notification for when it's complete. This is not necessary as it backs up fairly quickly. If you don't need an email notification for when the backup completes, tick the box for "Do not send email notification of backup completion".
  5. If you selected FTP Server, fill the rest of the fields.
  6. Click 'Generate Backup'.
  7. Wait a few seconds and then refresh the page. If the backup that is below "Backups Available for Download" turns blue, it means it has completed. If not, wait a few more seconds/minutes and refresh the page.
  8. Click on the blue title to download it. Note that the file remains in your cPanel File Manager/FTP. After the download ends, follow the important instruction below.
  9. If you want to download it from File Manager, go to cPanel, click on File Manager and scroll down. Right click on it and click on Download. After the download ends, follow the important instruction below.

Important action required: Please delete the file generated after your download completes. If not, it will needlessly use your storage space. Since we offer daily backups, there's no need to backup your backups, especially on the same server.

  1. Go to cPanel > File Manager.
  2. Scroll down to find the file. It has a title that starts with backup, followed by the date, and then your cPanel account name.
  3. Right click on it and click on Delete. Tick the "Skip the trash ..." checkbox and click on Confirm.

Submit a ticket if you need help!

You have now successfully backed up your full account cPanel.


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