4 Digital Productivity Tools Your Company Needs for 2022

0 comment Published on January 28th, 2022

Are you looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency in your company for 2022? Do you want to find effective tools and techniques that start to bring about the kind of results that the company has been lacking up until this point? If so, experts are pointing to digital productivity tools as the best path forward. These tools can eliminate complications and redundancies, many are automated, and they can streamline processes like never before. Here’s a look at four digital productivity tools that are well worth looking into for 2022.


CRM Software Can Transform the Customer Relation Experience

What’s the most important factor that determines your company’s ultimate success? Customers, of course. You need customers to survive, expand, grow and flourish. This means you need to keep your customers happy at all times and ensure they feel appreciated and heard. This can be a real challenge for companies as, since there is so much to be mindful of, sometimes customer relations get pushed to the side.

This is exactly why CRM software is so important. CRM, or customer relationship management software, allows you to make customer satisfaction a priority. It is especially important for small and medium-sized companies that don’t have much, if any dedicated customer service staff. This software gives users the ability to manage, track and then measure all aspects of customer support from start to finish. Customers aren’t overlooked, forgotten, or ignored and issues are dealt with in a timely and streamlined manner.


Using a Direct Mail Campaign – You Need Automation Tools

If you plan on using any offline marketing campaigns in 2022, then you’re going to want to embrace automation tools means for this form of marketing. It’s a very popular practice for companies to send out mailers and flyers, but all too often addresses end up being a problem. If you don’t have an accurate database, then your content isn’t reaching your target audience/client. There’s a really simple solution that can streamline the process for the company, and that is automation tools.

Take a look at the direct mail API tools offered through Lob. For those unfamiliar with direct mail API, it refers to the application programming interface, which relates to the software the company is using. Lob features automated tools that can track the production and then the delivery of all mail that is being sent out by the company. It allows you to save time, ensure addresses are correct, measure performance metrics, and more.

Many businesses are under the impression that direct mail campaigns are no longer useful in today’s climate, but the fact is that they still make sense for specific companies, products and campaigns. So, if you choose to use this effort, it must be done correctly and efficiently. Think of how you can blend traditional efforts (mail campaigns) with today’s high-tech digital tools.


How Does Communication Occur in the Workplace?

Communication between staff and all departments is what allows the process to run seamlessly. It helps to ensure errors aren’t made and that everything is on track and on time. While you may hold weekly meetings to discuss progress and upcoming tasks, you can’t rely on them to be the only source of communication.

There are plenty of digital tools that can make communication between departments a breeze. This is even more important if you have multiple locations in the country or world or if you have a remote workforce. Digital communication tools make it possible to chat, share documents and data, view timelines and tasks in real-time and so much more. This is why instant chatting tools are so popular.

Digital communication tools can also be used to hold meetings. Take Zoom, for example, which makes it possible for people all around the world to meet in a private conference room digitally. It will feel as though you’re all there together in the same room and it can be just as effective.


Is It Time to Upgrade the Hardware?

Finally, this is a great time to analyze your current hardware (desktops and laptops) and figure out if it’s still meeting the company’s needs. Often the hardware ends up being obsolete after a few years and is no longer able to run the software needed for the company. Investing in new hardware is just part of the operating expenses, so it needs to be factored into the budget. Other electronic items in the office that may need to be replaced can include printers, fax machines and telephones. Staff can only be as successful, efficient, and productive as their hardware allows.

If your company hasn’t yet harnessed the power of digital tools, it’s time to do so in 2022. Each of these tools will improve productivity and efficiency, which is great for your bottom line.