How to choose the Best Joomla Website Hosting provider

1 comment Published on March 29th, 2016

Joomla is one of the best and most popular content management systems you can see today on the market. More importantly and just like WordPress which is the most popular content management system in the world, Joomla is totally free and it is supported by a community of active users. Joomla allows you to create a modern-looking professional and content-rich website easily.
Joomla has flexibility on so many fronts and this is what made it to be a very special and popular content management system. You can use Joomla for any kind of website you have in mind. You can use it to create a personal blog, company website or even create a large ecommerce stores or community portals and intranet sites. There are lots of tools you can get for free online to help you manage and set up your Joomla site in minutes. Once you installed the software, you will have access to lot of tools and tutorials to help set up your website.
Although Joomla is free just like WordPress, however it true strength lies on the open source code that is maintained by a community of developers who develop many codes to expand the capabilities of the software every year. These developers are the ones that release the plugins you can use to give your Joomla website different functionalities. Joomla content management certainly has a lot of offer for both beginners and experts in web design industry and it make an excellent choice for building and growing your presence online.

Finding the best Joomla website hosting provider for your website
One of the problem amateur website owner’s faces is finding best web hosting provider for their website. It is difficult to know the provider to trust. There are so many companies out there claiming to provide a good service whereas they are after your money.
This article will guide you on how you can find a trust worthy web hosting company for your Joomla website. You don’t need to search far anymore, the tips we provide here will make it easy for you to find the best provider you’ve been looking for.

  1. Joomla Compatibility
    You cannot possible be able to host your Joomla website on a hosting provider that does not support Joomla software. Therefore the first step when searching for the best Joomla website hosting company is to look for a hosting provider that can fully support the Joomla software. Your web hosting provider should be able to provide you with server that is equipped with the latest version of some softwares such as PHP, Apache and MySQL. It is always a great idea to make sure that your hosting provider has the fully updated version of the software.
  2. Joomla Installation
    Another major thing to consider when searching for the best Joomla web hosting provider is if your provider can actually install the software on your account. Joomla installation can be a daunting task especially if you have no knowledge of technologies such as MySQL and FTP. Therefore, it is best you find a Joomla website hosting company that provides one-click installation. These hosts have configured their server with some technologies in such a way it allows you to easily install your Joomla software in few minutes.
  3. Fast Joomla web hosting
    You cannot ignore the fact that the speed of your site will play an important role on your business. Google have announced that they are using page speed to evaluate the site ranking. Therefore you need a provider that can guarantee you fast Joomla hosting. A user will be more comfortable and happy to visit your site when it loads fast. Therefore when looking for your Joomla hosting provider, make the speed the host is going to provide one of your top priorities.
  4. Database Support
    Joomla requires a database so as to be able to run on the server. Therefore you can say it is database-driven application. This means that you need a web host that provides you with more than one database. Newbies may ignore this in the beginning thinking that they don’t need it. However, you may see the consequence later when you site grows more popular. It is recommended that you always choose a Joomla hosting package that consists of multiple databases in order to have enough space to run Joomla and other applications of your choice.
  5. Multiple Domains
    Having one domain is not enough, you will discover this later. Domain names are cheap and there is possibility that you might want to acquire more domain names later in your business. Therefore you need a best Joomla web hosting provider that can offer support for additional domains. There is no need getting a service from another hosting company as this will cost you to spend more. Always go for a provider that will permit you to have more than one domain on a single account which you can manage from a centralized location.
  6. Reliable Infrastructure
    You need a web hosting provider with reliable infrastructure in place to ensure that your site is always available and perform to the optimum. It can cost you if your provider is constantly going offline. Seriously search for a Joomla website hosting company with a server that has been fully optimized to efficiently run the platform. You can find them by reading reviews of Joomla hosting companies.
  7. Good Customer Service
    Excellent customer service is one of the factors that you need to consider when searching for the best Joomla hosting company. Although Joomla is backed by active communities of developers, you need a company that took it upon themselves to help you as their customer in any situation you found yourself with your Joomla website. In order to obtain the best support possible, search for companies with solid reputation for customer service among their current customers.

Joomla is very good for any website that you want to create. It makes your website to look absolutely professional and modern. However, a good hosting is the backbone of any good website. Therefore you need to find the best Joomla hosting provider in order to enjoy your website and also provide services that will make you money on constant basis without interruptions.