Brontobytes WHMCS Addon Modules New Lifetime License

0 comment Published on December 26th, 2023

During the past decade or so, most online businesses moved from lifetime licenses (perpetual licenses) to subscription models. Some offer both types of licenses, like Tribulant Software, which sells WordPress plugins, and as you’ll see below, us at Brontobytes. That transition was fairly quick and has taken over digital products such as WordPress plugins, WHMCS addon modules, and computer software (like Adobe Photoshop). The benefit is that businesses now get a steady stream of income to keep funding their products and paying their developers.

The problem here is that most of us are already paying for many things with recurring billing, such as entertainment services like music and movie streaming, telephone service, and more. Each one of them had an impact on us in various ways. Affording all services has become a challenge for families. Many cancel a service when they find a cheaper one, even if it means sacrificing quality, or they abandon the service, understandably. The point is, paying monthly or yearly here and there has taken its toll on our wallets.


Brontobytes’s Custom WHMCS Addon Modules

For those who don’t know, Brontobytes sells WHMCS addons and has been for a long time. They are sold under the yearly subscription model. Every addon purchase includes 1 year of updates, with the opportunity to renew to get an extra year of updates, whenever a person chooses. But, what if that person doesn’t renew? Updates are no longer provided, but the addon that is installed can still be used forever. That’s not too bad, if we may subjectively say so ourselves, considering that many software companies forbid usage of their products without having an active renewal plan.


Introducing Lifetime Licenses

With that said, Brontobytes now offers optional lifetime licenses for WHMCS addon modules. We want our customers to get the chance to buy our addons and their updates for life without worrying about renewals or recurring payments. The lifetime purchases allow you to use our addon modules for the life of our business and the life of the addon module. Lifetime licenses cost more and may not be for everyone, we get that, especially if you want to try our product before committing to a slightly larger purchase, so renewals still exists for those who opt to stick to the non-lifetime licenses, and they’re not going anywhere. You can upgrade at any time!


Lifetime Pricing

Our Brontobytes WHMCS Addon Modules lifetime pricing varies depending on the addon that you buy since many of our addons have a different initial price and a different renewal price.

As of December, 2023, renewals cost half of the amount of an addon and include an extra year of updates.

For example, let’s take our Brontobytes GeoIP Localisation WHMCS addon module, which displays different pricing and languages depending on the location and country of the visitor, that has a current price of 34.99 EUR/USD. Renewing it the subsequent year will cost half, so 17.49 EUR/USD. That lets you download the latest updates for the next 1 year.

Lifetime pricing is currently determined in this way: Initial addon price + nine (9) times the renewal price. In the case of GeoIP Localisation, it would cost 34.99 + (9 * 17.49) = 192.40 EUR/USD.

If you have previously purchased an addon and simply want lifetime updates, then you would only pay nine (9) times the renewal price, regardless of how many years of renewals you have previously paid for.

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How to Convert a Yearly Subscription to Lifetime

Currently, the quickest and only way to convert your Brontobytes WHMCS addon module’s yearly license to a lifetime license is to contact us via our addons support department and let us know that you’d like to upgrade your license to a lifetime one. We’d send you the total price and, upon your approval and after payment, we’d upgrade your yearly license to the lifetime license. We may build a better system in the future, but for now, those are the short steps to follow.