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exit popup for wordpress

Exit Popup [Free WordPress Plugin]

Exit Popup enabling you to display a jquery modal window, which can include text, images, videos, forms, maps and so on, before a visitor leaves your website.

Exit Popup intelligently detects the mouse behaviors and then pops up a modal window when your visitors are about to close the current webpage, helping you increase your landing page conversion rates, newsletter subscribers and so on.
From experience, you can expect a 7% to 12% conversion rate increase – depending on your audience, traffic quality and offer.

  • Display almost anything you could display on a normal webpage using HTML
  • WordPress shortcode can be used in popup content
  • Control the Height and Width of your Popup window
  • Control how often your visitors see the popup

Download Exit Popup for WordPress or feel free to try the plugin by going to close [X] this page or change tab.

38 thoughts on “Exit Popup [Free WordPress Plugin]

  1. Is there any way to allow the pop up to fire always so I can test it? It came up once and I have been unable to get it to fire since??

    1. Set “Cookie Expire (days)” to “-1” under Settings > Exit Popup (or) open the page in New Incognito Window if you are using Chrome.

  2. Nice plugin. Thanks.
    Is there some simple way to allow it only at a particular pages, and “off” at any other?

    1. You can use something like this.

      if (strstr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'whatever.php')) {

  3. Does this work smart phones? I could not get it to work on an iPhone or on s Samsung 6 edge. Works on desktop.

    1. Exit Popup detects the mouse behaviors and then pops up a modal window when your visitors are about to close the current webpage. This will work only on devices with a mouse.

  4. How can I adjust the position that the pop-up appears? Currently the top to the pop-up is cut off my my navigation menu

    1. Ideally the modal window will show in front of any other div, so it will cover the menu. Also, depending on the screen resolution, your menu will adjust position. If this is not working properly, sent over your URL to have a look at it.

  5. I’m using it at my website for a few days and it’s working correctly. Actually I have setup it to show the popup every 90 days. If one visitor completed the subscription will see the popup again after 90 days? Thank you for share it.

    1. Since the plugin has no control over your “subscriptions”, the only way to control it from showing again is using a cookie. So yes, even if the user has been subscribed, it will so again after 90 days.

  6. Great plug in! the best of these type I’ve seen so far!

    Where can I enable or disable it? I don’t see the “Enable?” option as like in the screenshot anywhere in my settings.

    1. This has been disabled as you can enable or disable the plugin from WP Settings.

      Make sure you save somewhere your Body(HTML) snippet as by disabling the plugin it removes its entries from the db to keep wordpress clean.

  7. Most of my users are coming from mobile phones. I’d need a way to show them an evaluation form before they exit my site. Does this plugin still not work on mobiles? Any recommendation you can provide to accomplush my goal? Thanks!

    1. If you delay the popup from showing up on time, the visitor will close the window before seeing your message.

  8. Hello. Thanks for this simple but useful plug in. Is there an option to add a background image and insert a link to this background image?

  9. It’s should hava a close button to the corner right of the box so we will have better Conversiton Rate. Putting close text in the bottom decrease C.R

  10. I would like to use a video in the pop up but it isn’t very effective if I doesn’t autoplay. I got it to autoplay but it play as soon as the page loads. No mouse movement at all. Any ideas?

    1. It works properly with any other content in the modal window but not for embed videos? Are you embedding the video directly from youtube?

  11. IDEA: As it is not working on mobile browsers you could add a field for a timer/count-down (working only in mobile browsers) for the pop-up to appear. I know it will not be an “exit” popup but it would still be working in all platforms (especially if someone knows the average stay in their website, then it can be pretty precise!)

    Any thoughts?

    1. This will be a handy feature. We will take your suggestions into consideration for the next update.

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