Expenses Tracker v2.0 Release

0 comment Published on April 21st, 2023

We are releasing a substantial update for our WHMCS module, Expenses Tracker.

This release includes new features requested both by our customers and by us internally, an improved design, compatibility updates, and many bug fixes.

Expenses Tracker lets you note down your expenses and then view and download reports that include your expenses and taxes. You can also view an income vs expenses report.

Here is our latest changelog, which brings Expenses Tracker to version 2.0:

  • PHP 8.1 support.
  • WHMCS 8.x full support.
  • Added new table columns in Expenses and in Reports.
  • Added ability to filter reports by Category and by Company.
  • Added ability to filter by all currencies to the Expenses, Tax, and Advanced Tax reports.
  • Added prompt confirmation when deleting an expense.
  • Added 5 entries per page and made it default.
  • Added ability to remove the attachment for an Expense.
  • Added ability to sort some more columns.
  • Added date and time to file names of exported reports.
  • Added a new bar in the Advanced Tax Report chart to display the expenses and taxes separately.
  • Added new setting. Deactivating this addon no longer deletes this addon’s data. You have to tick the box in the Addon Modules page, save, and then deactivate it for it to delete all data. Not ticking that box will not delete the database data.
  • Improved report charts so that they group expenses by day when filtering by day/week/month. They previously showed a bar for each day rather than group them.
  • Library updates.
  • Design improvements.
  • Text improvements.
  • Fixed income vs expenses report.
  • Fixed exchange rate update in Settings > Currency by changing the API provider.
  • Fixed Charts not displaying amount by the correct currency rate after conversion.
  • Fixed Advanced Tax Report not displaying taxes in its chart.
  • Fixed pagination.
  • Fixed sorting.
  • Other bug fixes, critical error fixes, and code updates.


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