Is Guest Posting A Thing Of The Past?

0 comment Published on February 2nd, 2023

In order to build backlinks and boost brand authority, marketers regularly use guest posts. Their ultimate goal is that of improving Google results. Getting a chance to guest post previously was really helpful for increasing domain authority, referrals, and brand exposure. But attitudes toward guest posting have changed recently.

Since Google’s search engine placement algorithms have changed, marketers are putting more of an emphasis on publishing high-quality content on websites that get more user interaction rather than mass-producing guest blogs that are low-quality, randomly selected websites.

We delved further into the objectives of guest posting and what to think about if you choose to go that path in order to help you determine whether or not you ought to do so.


The Basics Of Guest Posting

In a nutshell, a guest post is a bit of written information that may be put out on another website. However, a guest blogging strategy entails more than merely making a post on the website of another business or brand.

A guest blog post, which is used by content marketers as a strategy to drive traffic to their website, will contain backlinks and favourable remarks. The content is very relevant to a targeted viewership because it will speak to a comparable audience or niche market as the publisher.

Your blog should increase web traffic, your domain authority, and your rank in search engines position (SERP). Other objectives can be increasing brand recognition, developing subject matter expertise, and eventually rising to the position of thought leader.

In order to request a guest post, one organisation will typically contact another. Once a guest post has been secured, the hosting business will post it with the author information including the name of the guest and the provider.


Why Does Guest Posting Work So Well?

A good technique to obtain backlinks is through guest posting. You can contribute articles to other websites that contain backlinks to your website.

There are many reasons why backlinks are beneficial for your website. Building backlinks has two main advantages: one that is extremely evident and one that is concealed from view. The first is, of course, the basic reality that the more individuals that engage with a link to your website the more individuals see it. And it goes without saying that you always desire more visitors to your website.


Important Features of Guest Posting

As with all of the material you create, you want to think carefully before choosing guest posting because it reflects the kind of content your business values. If the article is hurriedly produced and overstuffed with keywords, it may be misunderstood and even damage the reputation of your business.

No matter what the subject matter is, the guest blog post should be authored by a skilled writer. They should ideally be an authority in the field (you or your best content writer), and the writing style should be useful, educational, and well-organized. Be certain of the quality of your material. If you’re unable to do this alone, think about hiring expert content writers to effectively communicate your brand goals, values etc.

Determine what you ultimately hope to gain from guest blogging:

  1. Brand Authority: For instance, if you want to increase your brand authority on a specific topic, your search should focus on blogs or websites that are in the same niche but have a moderate level of domain authority. Then you write in-depth on a pressing issue faced by the sector at the moment.
  2. Traffic via backlinks: Increasing your brand’s visibility and securing leads covertly through backlink traffic. Instead, you should give preference to a site with nothing more than a high domain authority, especially one that is beyond 60, if you wish to acquire backlinks. High backlinking tactics will rather provide broad value and ensure traffic through your website rather than concentrating as much on boosting your brand image or addressing a specific challenge.
  3. Lead Generation: Once more, your approach would change if you wanted to generate leads. In this case, you would seek out a brand market with clear problem areas so that your material could inform them of the remedies your company can offer. The content’s objectives would be to promote CTAs and entice readers to go to your site for a certain reason.
  4. Brand Recognition: Choosing a website with comparable pain points and a greater domain authority is the best course of action if your objectives include brand awareness, an overall rise in traffic, and potential prospects. For a business that is still developing and eager to establish its reputation, this objective can be beneficial.


Is Guest Blogging Still A Successful SEO Technique?

The truth is that using guest posting as an SEO tactic is still very much in vogue. Contrary to what Google might have you believe, the vast majority of SEOs concur that guest blogging is an extremely beneficial SEO technique. The most important thing to remember is that relevance is essential, and that quality will always trump quantity. It is advisable to carry out an SEO audit for SEO. To build an action plan with great results, an SEO audit helps in evaluating how accurately your online presence connects to best practices. The audit’s goal is to identify as many underlying problems that affect organic search ability as is practical.

Guest blogging can be a fantastic technique to increase your domain authority and enhance your SEO rankings provided you’re cautious and mindful when producing high-value articles for reliable websites.

But it is understandable that a few individuals have thought of whether or not guest posting will harm their company. A lot of advertisers have made the decision to completely ignore it because of its possibility of spammers. They try to bribe bloggers into letting them write bad content for their personal link-building benefit.

Ultimately, creating authentic, interesting, and useful content to enlighten readers—as opposed to bad-quality material used only as a vehicle for connections to your website—is the way to make an SEO-improving guest blogging strategy.

As long as you do it correctly, using guest blogging as an SEO approach is still quite successful. It is not advised to guest blog extensively on websites with prominent Write for Us links in their menu bar; instead, it is highly effective to contribute pertinent material to other websites that are related to your field.

Several points to remember are:

  • Add Value: Providing an article solely for a link is a frequent problem made by guest bloggers. You must write a very strong guest blog that is deserving of being included on your own website.
  • Adding More Resources: References to sources other than your own website or piece should be included in your guest posts.
  • Be the Master: Your guest post on a site should reflect your expertise. For this reason, collaborating with a site in your field or a related one makes sense. As a result, you can serve as the authority who offers key information.


Differentiating Between Guest Posting And Blogger Outreach

As you may know, guest posting is a method of writing for a website that you do not own. Since it contains your byline and typically includes a link to one of personal social media accounts or your site, the material you produce serves as a reflection of yourself. Since you frequently link to your own material naturally, a guest post has the ability to boost both reputation and traffic. You may occasionally even receive a following link, allowing you to enjoy the tasty link juice as well.

Blogger outreach relieves a portion of the work while providing you with some more immediate advantages. It resembles press release marketing more or less.

The core idea is clear. You’re contacting bloggers in an effort to encourage them to write about you. Perhaps they feature you particularly as a blogger or business owner profile. They might talk about a new service or product you’re introducing. They might offer to put you at the peak of any industry top-list they write. Consider writing a history of the company. You can choose from a wide variety of coverage options.


The Advantages of Blog Outreach

Alternative to using guest posts, blogger outreach offers several significant advantages. The simplicity of the method’s use is by far the most important of these. The high-quality content doesn’t have to be written by you; you can hire a ghostwriter to do it instead. Even if they might want to interview you or even gather detailed info from you, the blogger you’re speaking with will do the job for you.

Additionally, blogger outreach typically generates more quality traffic than simple guest blogging. Your byline appears on someone else’s website when you write a guest post; this gives you considerable inherent trust, but long-time visitors may be curious about you and may harbour an initial mistrust of you, at least till you establish yourself. When a blogger recommends you, it seems more credible because the blogger is the one making the suggestion.

Moreover, blogger outreach may help you build your brand’s reputation. When a suggestion comes from somebody they know, individuals who might otherwise overlook your posts or your business will pay greater attention to it.

The success of a brand depends on having a robust online presence. Despite the fact that social media marketing is beneficial, many people already use it. Using a blogger outreach service can assist you in promoting your business on many platforms and boost the online reputation of your company.

Among the most economical methods of brand building is blogger outreach. It offers a fantastic way to advance your SEO and content advertising strategies while also gaining targeted exposure. You can advertise your business to the appropriate market by working with specialised bloggers who are interested in it. This approach has several advantages over conventional marketing strategies, including the fact that it requires a lot less time and money and generates more leads.

Backlinks are crucial since they direct visitors to your website. And obtaining several backlinks from other sites is one advantage of doing blogger outreach. The bigger the quantity of high-quality backlinks you have, the higher the search engine rating of your site will be.

Finding a natural approach to put your link in a guest post that doesn’t seem forced is one of the most difficult aspects of the process. Everyone wants a quality link to a blog post—not an advertorial—in their guest posts. You won’t be able to obtain much more from it than your identity on a new domain if you lack the correct kind of link or if the guest host just doesn’t want no links whatsoever. With blogger outreach, you can receive a suggestion that is more explicit and perhaps even a direct link to a homepage that is tailored for those particular visitors.



As long as it’s done accurately, guest posting is a great SEO method to use. Guest writing on other blogs can be very beneficial, but you should first do some research and examine the site’s analytics. Make sure they have a strong domain authority and reputation score so that your brand is associated with a reputable website.