Learn Important Facts About Digital Marketing That Everyone Should Know

1 comment Published on June 11th, 2021

There are no two ways about it anymore, businesses have almost fully made the switch to online marketing. Even the smallest of companies needs an online presence and the ability to make and keep new customers digitally. It is now estimated that 46% of all marketing is done digitally. If you’ve not already joined the world of digital marketing, the time is now.

There are, however, a huge proportion of people who have never worked on a minute of digital marketing in their life. How are these people meant to take the leap into digital marketing? What’s the process? Well, in this article you will find all the top facts you need to know about digital marketing. If you’re looking to learn, read on to find out more.


Good Agencies can Make all the Difference

When getting started with digital marketing, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are thousands of experienced digital marketing professionals ready and waiting to help you to get started. Companies, like Yaser Ayub’s digital marketing agency, are packed with industry professionals with years of experience. These people can help you set up, manage, and successfully implement a top-notch marketing campaign.

First, they will look to gain an understanding of you, your brand, and what you want to achieve. If any digital marketing agency starts working with you without having a great chat about your brand and your vision, that’s a red flag. The best companies want to deeply understand why you need help and what it is you are hoping to get out of marketing.

You might think it’s simple; more customers, please! But, who are your customers and what are you offering? Understanding these sorts of answers means that an agency can target the right audience and use the right methods to reach them.

Everything else to follow in this article will, of course, be managed by an agency for you, should you choose to use one. But, for a bit more beginner’s information regarding what marketing is, read on for the rest of the article.


It’s Not Just About Paid Ads

One of the things many people first start to target when they approach digital marketing is, quite fairly, paid advertisements with companies like Google. While paid ads are simple ways of boosting your profile, they are not always wholly effective. This is because they are loosely targeted and not necessarily shown to the right potential customers. They also are impersonal and small, giving you very little chance to share a large amount of detail regarding your company’s offerings. While there is a place for paid ads on search engines, they definitely shouldn’t be the number one priority.


Data Drives Success

Instead of throwing adverts out randomly, a good digital marketing campaign revolves around data. There is so much data available to harness the power of, but so many people aren’t using it properly. Data, firstly, on your business and its channels of sale. Taking a look at where the most sales are made, how your customers found you, and which products are most effective can help you understand what needs driving harder in your marketing technique.

Separately, you need to gather data on your customers or clients. As much data as possible. This is not to be used against them, but instead to help you. What’s the average age of your customers? How do they like to shop? What social media platforms do they interact with? Build a picture of your ideal customer through data and you’ll quickly know who to sell to and where.


SEO Can Be Huge

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a modern and clever marketing tool. Effectively, it helps you get higher up the search engine results pages (SERPs). How? Well, to understand that you need to understand how pages are ranked. Google – and other similar engines – have bots known as web crawlers. These little bots spend their days scouring the web to find the most popular websites. They rank websites based on a few things, one of with being how many other sites link back to them.

So, a key component of SEO is backlinking. Backlinking is the process where an SEO company will use writers and creators to build masses of content relating to your brand. In all of this content, there will be links back to your site. This content will then be pushed onto quality sites, meaning Google’s bots see your site as more and more popular. This, combined with other techniques, can help boost your profile exponentially.


Keep In Contact

One of the oldest – yet still most effective – online marketing techniques is the classic mass mailout. All you need is to build a collection of customer information, emails mostly, and send them regular updates about your company. Write quality emails including offers and exciting news to lure customers into clicking through to your website or store. Many companies report huge sales based on mailing lists alone, so it certainly isn’t a tactic to forget about.


Social Media is Very Powerful

When you think of customer data and mass communication, there couldn’t be a more obvious place to look than social media. The biggest platforms have – literally – billions of users, making them effectively the largest marketplace in the world. Selling and advertising through social media are easy and effective, with millions of companies, artists, and brands using it to great effect every day.

Targeted ads on social media are more effective than on other sites. This is because they target exactly the right audience for your company, meaning you know that these people are potential customers before they even see your ad. Once they click through to your page, make sure it is full of quality content, competitions, and more to keep them interested and interacting with your page. Build a huge social media following and you’ll be laughing.

These things, with or without an agency’s assistance, will help you boost your online profile massively. Marketing doesn’t need to be challenging, especially if you get an agency on board to help you get started. In fact, once you understand the basics you can find yourself making huge strides very quickly.