Myths About Hiring IT Recruiter or Why You Should Attract Skilled Staff

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Recruiters are the wizards who know how to attract the most suitable talents to the team. Companies hugely benefit from having the best recruitment talents since those are quite in the know of where to look, what to pay attention to and how to advertise the position the best way possible.

In the IT industry, an IT recruiter is highly appreciated for their capacity to dig for the best and never give up on persistence to find the right people to hire leaning on the exact skills that are required by the company. Not only finding the right talent to match the position, IT recruiters keep staying throughout the whole hiring process and maintenance of the newcomers to the team.

Hiring the right IT headhunters is a big deal for a company’s success, since the recruitment team, whether it is on board, or a third-party vendor is definitive for the project to be carried out by the greatest professionals. Therefore, the key is to find the ones who will be fiercely diving into the pool of talents and fishing the best ones up.

The process of finding such specialists is often shaded with quite a bunch of myths that may prevent someone from seeing the importance of the recruiters. The content below is about to debunk the most popular ones as well as talk about the skill set a great headhunter must be equipped with.


Myths to Debunk When Going to Hire IT Recruiter

As it’s been stated before there are certain misunderstandings that revolve around recruitment services. Sometimes the gist and the value are so misinterpreted that both of them get lost and deprive the company of getting all the bonuses that the recruiter may bring via finding the true tech talent for the job.

Let’s have a look at the common myths existing.


All jobs are posted online, and word-of-a-mouth is more effective

There is a grain ( or several) of truth, yet it all does not expose the depth of what is offered. No matter how skillful the written description is, it simply pales in comparison with how skillfully and irresistibly the recruiter talks in order to land the greatest talent. Personal communication is so capable of making the candidate warm up to the offer, since if the skillful member from a recruitment team gets to talk it is hard to miss on the benefits of the position. Also, recruiters can get into specifics and answer anything concerning the job.


Recruiters suggest less to gain more, money-wise.

Present-day high-profile companies clearly understand that to land a high-profile specialist they have to offer decently competitive compensation and by no means do they push recruiters to lower the rate. And, know what? The bigger your financial compensation is the huger the IT recruiter salary commission is. Why would somebody put themselves in a less beneficial position than it can actually be?


Recruiters decide whether the job is yours.

It is so NO that it is impossible to imagine otherwise. There is a whole chain of levels contributing to the final decision. The recruiters may be present for support since they are the first ones to introduce you into the environment and create the feeling of  “phew-some-familiar-face-I-know”. Yet, the decision is not theirs to make.


Recruiters engage in no diversity

Let’s put it in a bit more comprehensive manner: IT recruiters usually get to be accused of recycling the specialists from the contact base they have already created, neglecting the possibility of getting to know fresh representatives of the IT field. Honestly, here we talk about professionals of a top-level. By no means those will engage in such behaviors. Recruiters do immense research, human resources-wise, daily, looking for the most fitting experts, and not those they contacted in the past.


To land a job the recruiter must be paid by the seeker

The only money that the recruiters get is their salary, paid by the company they are officially employed by or contracted in case of being in a position of a freelance recruiter.


Filling the position is the only thing that matters

Well, from one point it does indeed matter to fill the position, to complete the job. However, it does not mean that utter impersonalization is at the ruling position. Recruiters care about the people they bring to the company and are ready to support and help them every step of the way. Very rarely it is about just completing the task and getting bonuses. IT recruiters, as pretty much in all other areas, tend to nurture the candidates and fresh employees, so the overwhelming changes they experience come easy on their shoulders.


Remote recruiter Yield Less Trust

For some reasons recruiters permanently office-placed yield more trust than remote recruiters. It may be connected with the fact that their productivity and awareness of what’s going on in the office can be compromised by staying far away with no possibility of a “first-eye” experience. The remote mode does not bring the productivity down as well as lower the awareness of the current trends within the company. Lately, everything communicated online is of the same quality as if delivered one-to-one offline.

The experience may be different and it is not always as we expect it to be. Yet the problematic relationship recruitment-wise is spotted right away. The professional approach is visible from first sight as well and totally has nothing to do with the myths discussed above.


IT Recruiter’s  Skills Base

New to the prophecy, recruiters do need to gain experience and hone their mastery. So true. Yet when landing a high-profile expert for the job, there must be a real recruitment shark on the mission, that can apply all the earned experience and develop a system of strategies. Therefore, IT businesses prefer dealing with IT recruiters that may brag with a plethora of filled positions with real pros.

When looking for the right person to deal with IT candidates, one must pay attention to the following:

  • Deep understanding of IT processes
  • Basic knowledge of the technological side of the position so that relevant questions might be asked
  • Psychology knowledge ( IT talent are very creative, and creative minds need to be treated with quite a special approach)
  • Skills to multitask
  • Ability to process a huge bulk of information
  • Analytical skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Persuasive communication mastery
  • Mastery to influence
  • Being a people person
  • Knowledge of several foreign languages

Things mentioned are the base. Therefore, there is no limit to perfection and the willingness to grow.

Experience plus solid skills base let the candidate be considered for the IT recruiter position fast and smoothly.


Recruiters’ Compensation Worldwide

Such an honorable job as helping people to find a dream job does not go unnoticed,salary-wise. Recruitment experts, willing to perform their best are encouraged with quite decent payment.

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Let’s have a look at some numbers provided according to (as of November 2021):

The amount of money paid is approximate and will vary depending on the skills, experience, company, etc.



The IT recruitment team contributes to the proper functioning of the company, happy clients, and completed, with flying colors, projects. The thing is that not only do the recruitment specialists find the right people, they also take care of a smooth placement, helping to build a positive experience for the employee. The IT companies know the importance of the highly qualified human resource experts since exactly humans make the project see the market.