Performance and Reliability with SSD VPS Servers

0 comment Published on April 6th, 2016

The Real Benefits of Using SSD VPS Servers

If you are a VPS user like me or you are a sucker for speed and high quality performance, chances are you are looking for an alternative way to increase the speed, performance and reliability of your current hosting.

With more advancement in hosting technology coming out every day, you don’t need to be stuck in the old traditional way of hosting your websites, data or applications. You can do better than before and you don’t have to break a bank to afford a good and high quality performance SSD VPS Server hosting. This article will reveal the real benefits you can enjoy when you are using SSD VPS servers.

What is SSD?

SSD otherwise known as Solid State Drive or Solid State Disk is a nonvolatile storage device which is use to store persistent data on solid-state flash memory. Before now, we only have the traditional HDD for storing data and SSD was only available for use mainly in military, aeronautical and medical machines. However the rapidly expanding need for higher input/output performance and inclusion of SSD in PC machines by manufacturers has led to development and adoption of newer versions of SSD. SSD is perfect for both heavy read and random workloads. Professional web hosting companies have adopted the use of SSD due to its many benefits to serve their customer better.

With SSD based server, you can speed up the access time of your websites, E-commerce applications and databases significantly. If a visitor is searching for information which is not available at a particular location, they will shift and look for the information in another place. Only a second is required for a user to close the opened tab and go to the next one. You customer can find the information they are looking for instantly.

If you want to take advantage of high speed loading and enjoy better ranking in Google search engine result page, it is time you go for web hosting with SSD than the traditional often slow VPS Hosting.  In terms of performance, SSD offers the best; it has more speed, more power and significantly low access time when you compare it to the traditional SATA HDD. Most websites owners prefer SSD because of the speed factor and reliability in web hosting.

Advantages of SSD VPS Web hosting

There are lots of advantages that you stand to enjoy when you host your website on SSD based servers. Below are some of these benefits.

  • 300% Faster Web Hosting Performance
    SSD are designed for optimal performance. Most webmasters, users and even search engine give preference to high performance. SSD are very much faster than your traditional HDD. They can do speed of 6.0GB/second. That is simple incredible!
    SSD has no physical head movement and so has no latency and can dramatically improve the Input/output speed hence the loading time of your website and ultra-fast performance for your VPS Server/website. It is on record that SSD are 300 times faster than the traditional HDD in terms of the time it takes to get server response.
  • Great Data Transfer Speed
    With your website hosted on SSD based server, you don’t have to worry again about the transfer speed of files from your websites. The lack of moving parts in SSD makes it extremely fast in fetching files and data. You can therefore have more disk space and high traffic website in which you can be able to host lot of videos, images and handle any amount of traffic to your website.
  • Increased Safety And Reliability
    There is always a risk of losing your data when you store them in traditional HDD server. Mishandling of the HDD can lead to damaged or corrupted files. The lack of moving parts in SSD makes it safer and more likely to keep your data safe for a long time.SSD does not crash when it reaches its life, instead, it will stop further writing/storing but will contain the data and keep it ready for access. Moreover, SSD server can work in any temperature; it can work both in very high or low temperatures. Most SSD have no problem working from -20 to 85 degrees Celsius.SSD are very reliable, they are resistant to shock and vibrations due to lack of moving parts. You can be confident of the safety of your data when you store them on SSD VPS Server.
  • Stability
    During data encryption or decryption process, SSD do not skip any data so as to make sure that every single piece of information is safe.
  • Protects You From Threats
    When your websites is popular and have a good web presence, it is more likely that there will be more attempts to attack your website by any the following threats- Viruses, malwares, hackers, hardware crash and network failures. Your SSD significantly reduced the chances of these threats succeeding and it avoids them to a large extent.


SSD VPS Server is the future of web hosting. With the performance and reliability that comes along with this type of hosting, you will build a strong web presence in a very short time. If you need a stable, reliable, durable and fast access to your website, database, or your applications, you need to consider getting SSD VPS hosting today.