Tenant Migration Service Done Right

0 comment Published on April 13th, 2022

Organizations are coping with several Office 365 tenants running varied workloads as a result of the rapid adoption of Microsoft 365 and the increased rate of Mergers and Acquisitions activity. Mergers and acquisitions frequently need Active Directory consolidations as well. Other businesses must consolidate several tenants within their corporation to cut expenses and simplify operations. It hasn’t been an easy endeavor because few firms undertake tenant migrations on a daily basis, and Microsoft-provided tools only give limited capabilities for tenant migrations. On Demand Migration, on the other hand, drastically simplifies Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration while allowing you to interact and cooperate seamlessly throughout the process.

On Demand Migration is an Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration solution that lets you consolidate and migrate all of your Office 365 tenants, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, as well as on-premises Active Directory, in a simple and secure manner. You have total visibility into your migration project thanks to a simple dashboard. Follow the migration’s progress in real time while maintaining coexistence.


Identity Management Planning and Integration:

  • Email Migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • SharePoint Cloud Migration
  • Microsoft Teams Migration
  • OneDrive Cloud Migration
  • Azure Security


The Migration Process:

There are two techniques for migration depending on the number of users.


Migrations for less than 500 users

A cut-off date can be set to help limit the amount of data that is moved. You can set a time limit for moving mail, calendar data, and contact information, such as six months.


Migration for more than 500 users

In this instance, the IT admin staff can use a multi-pass method. Because the migration procedure can take some time, only one week’s worth of calendar, email, and contact information should be migrated. While the balance data migration takes place in the background, users can begin working on the new destination domain.


Generally, there are three phases of any tenant-to-tenant migration. These are mentioned below:

1-  Pre-Migration Steps

  1. First, make sure your Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration tool is up to date. In most circumstances, you’ll need to buy a license.
  2. Make extra room in the target tenant’s mailboxes to accommodate mailboxes from the source tenant. Notify end users of the imminent o365 tenant-to-tenant migration.
  3. Now it’s time to check the DNS records. To do so, go to the destination tenant’s o365 admin centre and add the source tenant, then create the TXT documents.
  4. Most migration solutions demand a CSV file containing all of the email addresses to be moved. As a result, you’ll need to create one ahead of time.
  5. To avoid mail flow disruption, update Mail Exchanger (MX) records.


2- Migration Day Activities

On the migration day, you only need to perform four activities.

  1. During the migration, it’s critical to prevent any incoming emails from reaching the source tenant. It aids in the prevention of any mishaps. You can even queue incoming emails with a third-party service and receive them after the migration is complete.
  2. The source tenant domain must be removed from Office 365 in order to complete the migration properly.
  3. Now that the source tenant domain has been added to the target domain, it’s time to verify it. You can accomplish this via the destination domain’s admin centre.
  4. There are several options for migrating from Office 365 to Office 365. You must choose one based on the number of o365 tenants and your Exchange Server. The following are the most prevalent methods:


3-   Post-Migration Steps

Finally, clear the Outlook Auto-Complete List. It is because Outlook caches the email addresses of receivers. So, after migration, the replies may not be delivered successfully.


The Advantage Of Using Office 365 Migration Tool


Specialized migration tools are available for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration, using which it is possible to do the following quickly.


  • Transfer Office 365 mailbox to another account
  • Move domain from one Office 365 tenant to another
  • Perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration OneDrive
  • Ensure hassle-free migration from one Office 365 tenant to another
  • Migrate unlimited user mailboxes with a CSV file
  • Offer the facility of specific filters while migrating selective data
  • Save the migration report in CSV format after the completion of the process



Tenant migration service for Office 365 are most commonly the outcome of a merger, acquisition, or sale. There are numerous obstacles to overcome while migrating to Office 365. It gets significantly more complicated for workflows that are substantially customized. However, there are certain technologies available that automate tenant to tenant transfer in Office 365, removing the anxiety.