Beginners guide to building a WordPress website Part 2; Everything you need to know about creating a stunning Homepage

0 comment Published on April 2nd, 2017

Homepage is the most important page on your website, it is like a digital welcome signs that greets your website visitors; hence, it is the first impression your potential clients will have of your brand when they visit your website. At the first glance, your potential client can decide to patronize your brand or turn to elsewhere, and this makes homepage a very crucial instrument of conversion, which should be given primary attention when adding content to your newly designed WordPress website.

“The Beginners guide to building a WordPress website Part 2; everything you need to know about creating a stunning Homepage” focus on the practical details required to create a stunning homepage, and this document is worthy of serving as a leading yardstick in creating homepages for every website. Hence, if you follow these reader-friendly tips discussed in the following paragraphs, your homepage will definitely be stunning.

  1. Pay attention to your site visitors: When building a website, you should have it at the back of your mind that “no one builds a website for himself.” Hence, you need to have your visitors on your mind at all times. Most often, homepage writers wag off on irrelevant contents like elaborating on the number of employees, technology in use, how large their business premises is, year of establishing their firm, and other needless information.

All these information should form part of your About-Us page, but not your Homepage. Hence, you need to add information that answers and proffer solutions to the questions that brought these visitors to your website on the Homepage. You must show that you offer what it takes meet their needs from the first sentence on your Homepage.

  1. Make it simple and easy to read: The essence of adding a homepage to your website is to give your site visitors information about your services or product, and direction on how to get these services. These should take as small space as possible, and should be written with simple and easy to read language. If this is well done, you will see tremendous result and turnaround in no time.
  2. Don’t omit any key content: While researching on “The Beginners guide to building a WordPress website Part 2; everything you need to know about creating a stunning Homepage,” we saw that most Homepage writers do not give preference to their headings, call to actions, sub-headings, and contact details. If your key contents are not included in your homepage in a well-detailed format, you may end up losing your site visitors.

Here is how to create your key contents to be detailed enough:

  • Heading: Let it contain a long-tailed keyword comprising of four to seven words.
  • Sub-Heading: Let it be more detailed than the heading, but don’t repeat what is in the heading.
  • Call to action: Include clickable call to action on your homepage as a conclusion to the body of your sub headings.
  • Contact details: Include relevant contact details, so that the reader will easily view your business address.
  • Outline: Ensure that your key product and services are well outlined on your homepage; this should give the viewer what you offer at a glance.
  1. Use internal links: You should see your homepage as a door to other pages of your website when describing the services that you offer on your website. Hence, you should use internal links to direct your website viewers, this could be in form of a direct link or call-to-action, but is should be simple and leading to subsequent pages of your website. You should also have links in your navigation menu, which should always be part of your homepage content.
  2. Let the visitors have enough detail at a glance: Every image and words on your homepage should be able to say something about your brand, before the user could scroll to look for further details. It should be appearing and persuasive enough to completely convince a visitor to place an order without scrolling further down the page.
  3. Prove your credentials: Your homepage should build your visitors trust for your brand. You should add social proofs live testimonials, social media page links, awards, and trusted ecommerce payment channels.

Building your website homepage may not be easy but when don the right way; you will receive the right result. We have offered you everything that you need to have a top ranking homepage, and we expect to receive your testimonials in no time of how our post transformed your business.