What is required to install a SSL on my account?

You will need two things for a private SSL , a dedicated IP (contact our Sales dept. for pricing) and an SSL Certificate (which can be purchased through Brontobytes). SSL certificates can only be installed on your main domain on the account and cannot be for a subdomain, addon domain or parked domain. If you would like to purchase the SSL through Brontobytes contact Sales department to request the purchase.

For a private certificate we need the following information:

* Domain name to make the certificate for: (the domain must already have been setup)
* Country:
* State / Province:
* City:
* Company Name:
* Division:
* Email address you wish to have associated to the certificate:
* Password for the cert: (must be alpha numeric only - Aa-Zz / 0-9)
* Street Address:
* Zip/postal code: (Please note we cannot accept PO Boxes for addresses)

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