How to establish a SFTP connection with FileZilla

In this knowledgebase article are listed the steps which should be completed in order to establish a SFTP connection to your hosting account with the FileZilla FTP client.

  1. Open your cPanel > SSH/Shell Access and generate new SSH key pair. (Watch the detailed Video Tutorial below)
  2. After you have generated your SSH key pair, click on the Manage link next to the corresponding key pair that you have just generated and select Authorize.
  3. Click on the View/Download link and enter the password you just generated in the key converstion section and Convert.
  4. Download or Copy the content of the text area, paste it in an empty file on your computer and save it.
  5. Open Filezilla, click the Edit button from the menu then select Settings.
  6. Select SFTP from the left menu.
  7. Click the Add keyfile... button and select the file that you have just created with the private key pasted inside.
  8. You will be prompted to convert the file to a supported but unprotected format (no password), confirm it by clicking the Yes button and type your password.
  9. Filezilla will ask you to store the key in the putty format. Save it somewhere on your computer.
  10. Connect to your server using the following login credentials:

FTP Server: s (where hostname is the server where your hosting account resides and it might be checked from your cPanel > top left corner, next to Server Hostname.)
FTP Username: yourcpanelusername
FTP Password: yourcpanelpassword
FTP Port: (the default SSH port must be requested via ticket for Brontobytes's servers since SFTP is FTP over SSH and it is only given to clients)

During your first connection you will be prompted to store the server's fingerprint. Click the OK button to continue connecting and tick the "Always trust this host, add this key to cache" check box if you plan to connect to the same server again.

* Keep in mind that the username and the password for the connection to your hosting account via SFTP are the same as your cPanel's username and password and you can not connect with an FTP account that you have created via your cPanel > FTP Accounts.


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