Disk usage analysis - Find out what files, folders, and email accounts are using the most storage space

This article will give you information about how to view your disk usage to find out what files, folders, and email accounts are using the most disk space.

When you log in to cPanel, you can view your storage space. It will show up as a statistic on the sidebar similar to this one but with different numbers: 17.91 GB / 58.59 GB (30.56%).
If it reaches the limit, your website will give a message to your visitors and to you that its resource limit has been reached and no one will be able to view your website.

You can verify the storage usage per folder by logging in to cPanel and searching for Disk Usage. Once you click on Disk Usage, allow it some time to load as it has to scan your whole website's folders. When the scan completes, scroll down to where you see a column with the word "Directory". You can click the arrow next to a folder and see the disk usage per folder. If the sub folders are not showing the disk space used, then it means the parent folder contains a file or files that are using that storage space. Either click on the folder or any folder at the top of the Disk Usage page, in the "Location" column, or in cPanel, click on File Manager and navigate to that parent folder. You'll see the file(s) in there.

Back in Disk Usage, near the top of the page, you can see Email Accounts and the total storage space that your emails are taking. Clicking on Email Accounts takes you to the page that displays a list of your email accounts. However, if you'd like to view the space used per email folder, in cPanel, search for Email Disk Usage and click on it. On that page, you can select which account you'd like to view. Click on Manage to delete emails, which gives you some options to decide the type of deletion you'd like.

We hope this helps you keep your storage space controlled.


Tips for your image sizes and how to compress images

Read this documentation to help you find out how to compress your images to use less storage space: https://www.brontobytes.com/knowledgebase/237/

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