DNS Management (For non-hosting customers)

How to enable DNS Management to control the following record types:

- A (Address)
- AAAA (Address)
- MXE (Mail Easy)
- MX (Mail)
- CNAME (Alias)
- SPF (txt)
- URL Redirect
- URL Frame

Our web hosting customers can manage their DNS records directly from cPanel.
This is only applicable to .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz domain names.

To enable DNS Management for your domain name, please open a support ticket and then follow the instructions below:

- Log into the Client Area
- Click Management > My Domains
- Click Manage Domain > Nameservers
- Change the nameservers to
* Nameserver 1: neo1.brontobytes.com
* Nameserver 2: neo2.brontobytes.com
* Nameserver 3: neo3.brontobytes.com
* Nameserver 4: neo4.brontobytes.com
- Click Save
- Click Management Tools > Manage DNS
- Set yor DNS records
- Click Save

Please note that by enabling DNS Management you will need to set up your DNS records yourself. If they are not set correctly your website may not work.

Any changes made to DNS records may take up to 48 hours to be propagated to all nameservers worldwide.

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