Benefits of Using SSL Certificate on your Website

1 comment Published on June 2nd, 2016

SSL can be defined as one of the most important feature of a secure internet which would protect the sensitive information provided by the user. It helps to keep the hackers and other cyber criminals at bay and comes with many useful advantages for the ecommerce site owners and their viewers.

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The basic reason for using SSL certificate is for keeping the sensitive information encrypted allowing it to be understood only by the intended recipient. This is extremely important since whenever you send any info on the internet it passes from computer to computer until it reaches the destination server. Therefore any machine between you and the destination server will be able to see your username, password, credit card number etc. unless they are encrypted with a SSL certificate. The SSL certificate would render the sensitive information unreadable to anyone except for the intended server where you are sending the info.


The rise in phishing and hacking attacks has made the encryption of online data absolutely essential. Even non commerce websites are now buying SSL certificates for enhanced safety and security. Apart from encryption the SSL certificates are also known for providing authentication. This implies that one can be sure that she/he is sending the information to the right server and not to the server of a cyber-criminal.

Gaining your customer’s trust:

In order to let the visitor know that the connection is secured the web browsers provide a visual cue like a green bar or a lock icon. When you see this icon your customers can be rest assured that the site is safe and secured. A customer would automatically place more trust on the sites with comes with a certification. An SSL certificate on your site implies that your visitors are going to be sure of the following:

  • They would know that the data on your website is properly verified according to internationally established standards
  • They would understand that the domain name really belongs to your organization
  • They would appreciate the fact that your company takes special care to ensure the safety of the personal data of their customers.

PCI compliance:

Upcoming online entrepreneurs need to know that they will not be able to accept any credit card info on their site unless they pass certain audits like PCI compliance. In order to pass the PCI compliance you will surely need a SSL certificate.

Protection from Phishing:

Phishing mails are sent by hackers trying to impersonate your site. These phishing mails come with a link to their own site. However obtaining a SSL certificate is extremely difficult for the hackers, which is why they will not be able to impersonate your website perfectly. Since your visitors would look out for the trust indicator on their browser, they are much less likely to be a victim of phishing attack.

Therefore if you own an ecommerce site with a login form which collects credit card info of the customers then make sure to obtain a SSL certificate.