Startup Viability: How to Measure Product / Market Fit of a Launched Product

0 comment Published on February 25th, 2021

The process of startup launching is considered being the key stage that defines the product’s future success. In fact, all the points must be thoroughly verified, calculated, and planned beforehand. Sensible planning allows winning to everybody: presenters, investors, and consumers.

In this article, we will have a look at the main aspects of the professional platform launching and describe the best ideas which can really take your startup viability to the next level.

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Prepare the Income Resource of Your Startup

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to launch a new project, and the intention of making it for free before monetizing is not effective anymore. To succeed, you have to plan a real revenue model for your startup, thus providing a regular source of income from your product. Also, this will be a great booster for the product’s improvement.


Develop Customer Support Service

Anytime using the new project, consumers used to encounter a variety of difficulties that can’t solely resolve. This issue is most widespread when it starts launching as people don’t know this platform at all, so make sure to set a customer support group that is responsible for answering the FAQ and providing the main information consumers might want to get. In addition, this will help you to reveal the main issues or website problems and fix that on a first-come basis.


Analyze the Market Place

The Forbes bracketologists also suggest that it is highly important to have basic knowledge about marketing before launching the new product. Due to the variety of the platforms which sell their products or services, it is essential to analyze competitors, make the market research, apply the optimizations, involve influencers, and simply listen to your target audience’s suggestions. This will not only be useful for startup development but also facilitate the product to stay on the top.

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Make Changes to Keep Pace with the Times

These days our society changes the most due to the different outside factors. For instance, in recent times a huge amount of stores have “gone viral” due to the pandemic, which has resulted in new demands appearing. People no longer want to go on real shopping and make purchases online. Another good idea is to create device-friendly apps to provide the product’s availability and widen the target audience. In addition to that, specialists who are engaged in assignment writing service recommend starting the blog by presenting some great tips and key features of the product to boost brand awareness.



To conclude, we hope these great options have provided you with useful information and great advice to improve the startup viability. Additionally, we would like to recommend you to make a concrete step-by-step strategy for your startup to launch and develop the project of yours. So, if you are still not sure about how to optimize the product launched to make it more appealing for the investors and captivating for the customers, go and check these tips!