cPanel/WHM Initial Setup on your New VPS Server

Here are some instructions to help you get started with the access and initial setup of cPanel/WHM on your new VPS server:

To begin your installation on a fresh CentOS or CloudLinux server, use the following commands:

yum install perl wget
cd /home — Opens the directory /home.
wget -N — Fetches the latest installation file from the cPanel servers.
sh latest — Opens and runs the installation files. This will take some time to complete.
/usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt — Activates your license after installation.

WHM is what you will use to configure server-wide settings, such as IP addresses or security settings, and also administer cPanel accounts. cPanel itself will let you configure things such as FTP, Document Roots for your websites, and other site-specific settings and features.

You will need to access and set up WHM first, you may do so using (in your web browser):

Username: root
Password - available at Client Area > Services > Your VPS server > under "Initial root password"

Step 1 - is an EULA for WHM/cPanel, make sure you understand it and agree to it.

Step 2 - Here you will set server contact information. Fill in the values as best and accurately as possible for your use.

  • It will ask you for a hostname, most of our clients use something such as (where is your domain name) This can be changed latter if desired.
  • For the primary and secondary resolver, most of our clients use and (Google's DNS servers) respectively.
  • Any other values here can be left at their defaults.

Step 3 - Here you may assign additional IP addresses to the server.
In most cases your additional IPs will already be configured within the server and you do not need to make any changes here.

Step 4 - Here you configure nameservers
Unless you are using the server for resale, it is best to use your registrar's name servers and select "Disable" from this list.

Since this step will require some planning on your part, I'd advise you to leave the defaults in for now and if you have a managed support
service with us (i.e. Basic Managed or Supreme Support), then please correspond with our managed support about what to set up here.

Step 5 - Here you set up services (such as FTP, mail server, security, etc.).

Typically the defaults will work in this case, but be sure to read through this page.

When the initial configuration is done, you will be logged into WHM and then you can setup a cPanel account for your domain(s)

- You may first need to create a "Package" (Home »Packages »Add a Package)

You can use the default settings for now.

- Next create the domain account (Home >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account).

Once the cPanel account is made, you'll then be able to access it via https://your.ip.address:2083 and move files over and start configuring it how you'd like on your new server.

To access the cPanel accounts through WHM first search "list accounts" (Home »Account Information »List Accounts) You can then view all cpanel accounts on the server, click the CP (cpanel logo) to access the cpanel for the desired domain.

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