Can I host Adult, Warez, IRC related sites? Do you disallow/block certain software or plugins?

We try not restrict you to what you can and cannot use. However, we do have a few important notes (this list may get modified as time passes so be sure to drop by again):

You can use any software, themes, plugins, and so on, on your hosting plan with us, as long as you are not using illegal programs and/or scripts for hacking/cracking purposes.

As long as the software is not malware or malicious, you are free to use it.

We do not allow pornographic websites nor websites that promote or sell illegal and illicit materials, content, and/or products.

Prohibited content or links include: IRC software, Pirated software, Hacking programs or archives, Warez sites, Distribution of music files or any other material in which the account holder does not own the copyright, Adult sites, Gambling sites, Game servers (dedicated game server programs).

Enjoy and have fun!


Please visit for more information (Brontobytes Services and Content section).

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