How soon will my account be activated?

For security purposes, all orders with Brontobytes are manually checked for fraud.

Most Accounts are activated instantly. In the case we need to confirm billing, may take upto 24 hours.

Upon signing up, you'll receive an email stating that
Brontobytes has received your order and is processing it. After your order has been paid verified, you will receive your welcome email and be on your way to getting your web site online with Brontobytes.

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Do I have to pay VAT?

All prices listed on are excluding EU 19% VAT./p> Customers outside the...

Are your servers Linux or Windows?

All servers at Brontobytes are Linux. We do not offer Windows web hosting at this time.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely NOT, we have no hidden fees.

Why was the order I placed marked as fraud?

A small percentage of Brontobytes' orders are marked as fraud. Every now and then, we mark...

Do you offer Telnet or SSH access?

No, due to security reasons we do not offer telnet or shell access. You are still able to unzip...