How Mockups Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

0 comment Published on December 29th, 2020

You’ve probably seen one, but didn’t realize that it was a mockup – a well-made mockup can fool anyone. When used perfectly, a mockup can be a highly effective way to showcase your brand. Some businesses all too often miss a great opportunity of marketing their brands through mockups.

Mockups are not just used for products, though; they can also be used for designing websites. It can be frustrating communicating your ideas without any visual aids or guides, especially in the early stages of the design process. That’s why mockups are crucial for getting these ideas across; they serve as a virtual representation of your product’s final appearance.

Mockups can turn your concept into something more tangible; they can encourage you to design with a specific purpose in mind. Having a mockup in front of you can help you to organize the details, remove the chaff, evaluate the different elements and see how they complement each other. For web designers, mockups can give you a static representation of the site with all the bells and whistles working. Here is a more detailed explanation of what is a mockup.


Brand Presentation

With larger companies, mockups and the background are likely done in-house. Of course, any company can create mockups however they want, as there are a lot of options out there; some companies use free mockups to great effect. A properly made mockup can make your product or brand very professional and upscale. They can make your brand conspicuous, giving it that classy, legit vibe that arouses clients’ interest.

Three metallic gift packaging mockups

Use mockups when designing a logo, business cards, tags, posters or letterheads. This way, your brand will be more recognizable, creating brand awareness. With a mockup, you’ll see how your design ideas represent the assets of your brand. You will be able to see how your logo and brand colors look in promotional items and marketing visuals.


Showcase Your Product

Professional-looking mockups can generate interest in your product. People are encouraged to consider your product and take a closer look, and might even share your social media posts. Sixty percent of consumers are likely to consider a business with an image showing up in their browser’s search results. Moreover, high-quality images are preferred by 67% of consumers over product descriptions.

Mockups can make photographs, designs, and images more attractive, and display content in a very engaging way. Add images of beautiful people and your conversion rate will shoot up. Mockups can create better results than the usual cookie-cutter stock images.


Design Packaging With Mockups

Some businesses view packaging as simply a delivery system for their product. This is a mistake, as businesses that paid attention to their packaging design had an increase in consumer interest by 30%. A smart business leader knows that product packaging is an opportunity to further promote his brand’s image and ideals.

It would be a great boom to a company’s marketing strategy to include a few elements and ideas when designing the packaging mockup. Since 95% of new products fail, a business serious about staying in the game should not skip the product packaging mockup. These elements are:

  • Interactive packaging. Packaging that serves a purpose, such as having a resealing or storing option can be appealing to consumers.
  • Nostalgic packaging. Packaging designs that allude to the past can inspire a sense of familiarity and positivity.
  • Strategic simplicity. Simple yet elegant can be an effective way of catching consumers’ attention; a mockup with these elements is useful in checking whether the design is suitable to the company’s marketing strategy.
  • Eco-friendly packaging. Modern consumers are aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Not only will this attract more environmentally-aware consumers, but it’s overall a good thing to do, also.


Social Media Mockups

Social media’s business model is ad-driven, and businesses that don’t take advantage of social media’s awesome reach are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Social media mockups are used to show how your brand looks in different setups.

You can gain some insight into how people perceive your brand and how people will react to it, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. Social media mockups allow you an understanding of what your campaign would look like once it’s out in a real-life environment.



Going into business without a good marketing strategy is like Napoleon going into battle without his beloved artillery. A good marketing strategy helps you to connect and reach your target: the consumers. And like a good general, you should know how to use all assets at your disposal. Mockups are one of those assets which are often overlooked, and this shouldn’t be the case because mockups are relatively easy to make. Even those who are not experts in graphic design can create professional-looking mockups by using online mockup generators for free.