Transferring your hosting to us?

Web Hosting Transfer Process

Ensure a seamless move. ZERO downtime in your host transfer!
Yes, it can be done! The only requirement is that you don't delete the account with your current host until your new one with us is setup (as guided below).

A. Do NOT change your Nameservers just yet nor delete your account with your current hosting company.

B. Establish a hosting account with us. You'll be able to access your new account via the IP address of the server your new account with us is on. Follow the directions in that email to upload all of your files...
Verify that everything is running smoothly on your New site (web pages, links, forums, databases, scripts, etc.)

C. Modify your POP3 and SMTP email settings in your email client (i.e. Outlook Express or Eudora) to the new settings for your new hosting account. As soon as you make these changes, any email that was sent to you after the DNS propagated would have been stored on the new server... and should now download into your email client.

D. Once verified that everything is working properly, go to your registrar and change your "NameServers" to those that are mentioned in your activation email.

E. Your site will be updated WorldWide within 48 hours.
Note: Although you may be able to see your site is on your new server within possibly 1 hour, please allow a complete 48 hour cycle before you delete your old hosting account with the other company.

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