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cpanel website hosting

Advantages and Features of cPanel Website Hosting

Are you aware that there are several features of cPanel website hosting that are very advantageous to companies, individuals, organizations and institutions who have website hosting needs and internet based businesses and clients to provide for? Aside providing web interface, which helps users to manage their accounts and achieve greater web hosting success, cPanel provides […]

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Varnish Cache Hosting

The Benefits of using Varnish Cache on your Hosting

Varnish cache is an open-source web application accelerator that is also known as HTTP reverse-proxy, which has the design properties of accelerating dynamic contents when configured and installed before servers that speak HTTP language. As an open-source web application designed for high-performance content delivery, using varnish cache hosting offer the user the primary benefits of […]

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CloudLinux Hosting

The Benefits of using CloudLinux OS on your Website’s Hosting

Discovering the numerous advantages and benefits, which CloudLinux OS has over other operating systems engaging in shared hosting, will make you appreciate the compatibility, efficiency, reliability, stability and security features of this software. More so, let us first understand what CloudLinux website hosting is and how it affects web hosting. What is CloudLinux OS? CloudLinux is […]

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New nTLDs Domain Names

40 New TLDs going Live

We are pleased to announce that 40 nTLDs going live. Register your new domain today! Below you will find the new TLDs: .ARCHI .BIO .PHYSIO .CAR .CARS .AUTO .FAMILY .AIRFORCE .RIP .SKI .LIVE .STUDIO .YOGA .RENT .LGBT .AMSTERDAM .TOP .MEN .REHAB .WALES .CYMRU .IRISH .ONLINE .KIWI .MARKETS .ONE .NEWS .COLLEGE .DOWNLOAD .RACING .WIN .ACCOUNTANT .LOAN […]

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