9 Expert Tips to Building a Winning SEO Strategy for Your Online Business

2 comments Published on November 10th, 2021

Digital marketing plays an important role in all types of businesses as they now provide their products and services through online channels. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key elements to effectively carry out your online business. Additionally, with the current change in lifestyle and rising use of the internet, people are shopping more online, watching movies online, and carrying out other activities online.

Therefore, to get noticed to meet this rising demand, SEO plays an important role. An effective SEO guide can surely help you to make a great content post.


Here are some tips for creating an effective and winning SEO strategy for an online business:

  • Create a list of keywords – The list of keywords is usually the first and the most important step of any SEO strategy. And one of the best ways to create such a list is through Google Suggest. The words that pop through Google suggestions are great keywords as they come directly from Google and can also act as an SEO guide for your online business. This also means that people are searching more on these keywords. Additionally, it is also observed that keywords with long-tail are less competitive than short-tail keywords. It is recommended that you should list down at least 10 different keywords for better results.
  • Analyze the home page of search engines such as Google – Once a handful of keywords are in place, the next step is to see the ranking of these keywords. For this, you just need to type that keyword in the search engine and scan the top 10 results on Google. After that, you need to analyze the pattern of the top 10 posts to understand how your post will be highlighted in the top 10 search results.
  • Create something that is different from others and is better – Once you are able to identify the keywords, the next step is to make a different and better content for your online business. You have two options: either create content that is different or create content that is better. Unique content would help it stand out from others and get tons of shares and views.
  • Add a Hook to your strategy – If you want to improve your rankings on the search engine, you need to get backlinks. Also, we need to analyze what type of content pieces people link in the industry, which is also known as Hook. Thus, you should include that Hook in your SEO strategy to make it visible in the top rankings on the search engine.
  • Optimize On-Page SEO – You should focus on optimizing the keywords of the content for SEO. The core on-page SEO techniques recommended for a strong SEO strategy are internal linking, short keyword-rich URLs, and semantic SEO.
    • In internal linking, you need to link the high-authority web page to those that need more authority.
    • Short-keywords with rich URLs perform better than long URLs.
    • Semantic SEO is related to the target keyword in terms of the content.
  • Optimize Search Intent – To get more traffic to the website, you need to focus on the target keyword. Thus, you should publish the content with an optimized search intent in mind to rank higher on the Google first page.
  • Focus on the content design – You can write one of the best content for your online business, but only text or content on a website would not help to get more traction. Content with visual content would help to create more traction to your content design. Some of the promising visual content ideas that would help get more traction on your website include graphs and charts, screenshots and pictures, blog post banners, graphics, and visualizations. Thus, simple visuals with the use of these visual content would help to make the concept easy to understand for the viewers.
  • Build the links to your page – Some of the promising link-building strategies that work well are – broken link building, competitor analysis, and the evangelist method.
    • Broken link building – When you find a broken link content, and you refer to your content as a replacement. It would help increase your reach.
    • Competitor analysis – This is an old-school SEO strategy, but it still works. In this strategy, you need to first search for a website that ranks the keyword that you wish to rank for. After that, you need to analyze the backlinks and find the links where your site link can add value. This would help create more value to your content and help complete the link to your SEO post.
    • Evangelist method – This type of strategy means getting the content viewed by the right people and less about the links.
  • Improve and update the content on a regular basis – Updating the content on the site would help boost the organic traffic on your site by more than 200%. This is one of the best and easiest approaches to gaining traction on your site. However, you cannot repost the same content and tag it as new; you need to discover the untapped keywords and delete the strategies that did not work.


Some of the effective tips for your SEO strategy are:

  • Focus on writing for humans first and then for the search engines.
  • Make use of target keywords in all the right places.
  • Focus more on user experience.
  • Focus more on creating relevant links.
  • Format the content according to the featured snippets.
  • Remove the stuff that slows down your website or reduces your ranking.
  • Keep track of the Google algorithm and its updates.
  • Improve the existing content and include the missing topics.

The tips mentioned above will help you build a winning SEO strategy for your online business. Start implementing them today to build your online business.